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An email ID is a person’s inbox address to get the information delivered from across the globe. It’s personalised and is attached to the identity of a person. GINBOX SMART Address is globally unique 8–10-digit alphanumeric number of yours to use it in place of your long physical address and develop BOARD. Your favourite SMART Address remain permanent with you lifelong and is your identity and only the physical address attached to your SMART Address need to be updated in your address book (ginbox.io) whenever it changes.

When you create your favourite SMART Address & BOARD, you need to add one physical address in your address book. This way on the backend database, GINBOX will be mapped with the address of yours wherever you go across the world. Your SMART Address remains the same and only backend data changes.

Whenever you use SMART Address on any of our partner website, e-commerce deliveries, the partner website will pull the physical address from GINBOX database and fulfil the order or address details on the partner website. So, you do not need to fill complete address, just fill the SMART Address and it's done.

Businesses can share the SMART Address and BOARD of outlets with their customers to see their discount banners easily and find outlets precisely.

You can use the SMART Address on our partner website, e-commerce portals, marketplaces, and any other online requirement to fill address. We are working tirelessly to increase our partner website and increase the ease of online operations. You can also use SMART Address and BOARD of your friends, business associates printed on their business card/email signature to send the gifts on any celebration day. With SMART Address, gifting is easier and faster.

Businesses can share their outlet SMART Address to find the ongoing offers easily.

Knowing the deals around or online deals is the most curious thing a buyer has in his mind. Businesses run their sale and discount offers but customers do not know it when they need it actually. GINBOX is a Global platform where you will have visitors not only from your city or country but from around the world to grab your offers. Additionally, an online business can power its website with GINBOX API/Plugin to enhance customers' checkout experience.

Presently we don’t allow the change in SMART address once created. However, in case of genuine reasons, do write to us at support@ginbox.io to understand your case and help to the extent possible.

Your privacy and data security are of utmost importance to us. You can set your privacy on multiple information each BOARD wise as per your preference. However, in case of online usage of SMART Address, we ensure that if you have opted for privacy your address and contact details are not visible to anyone unless one knows your SMART Address and mobile number. We believe that if someone knows your mobile number and SMART Address is well known to you and has right to send you surprising gift on your birthday.


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