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Generate GINBOX Number


An easy and simple way to use & fill your current address on websites, ecommerce deliveries,
sending and receiving gifts.

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How to Create GINBOX ?

1 Get your favourite GINBOX™ number & keep it paired with your current / primary Address
2 Ensure your current address is marked as primary address in your address book on ginbox.io which works globally.
3 Personalize it like your email ID with 8-10 digit alphanumeric characters.
4 Easy to create, share, ask/tell, memorize and personalize.

* Only Alphanumeric characters allowed. (Min:8, Max:10)

How to Use GINBOX ?

1 Use your simple GINBOX number on our partner websites in place of your long address. No need to fill multiple address / contact details fields for ecommerce deliveries.
2 Share your GINBOX™ number with friends, family & Business Associates and Receive gifts across the world.
3 On move ? Just change your primary address in address book and get your all deliveries on new address. Same GINBOX
4 Surprise your loved ones with beautiful gifts from our partner website. Just know recipient's GINBOX number.

Find GINBOX Number from Email ID

All your Ginbox questions, answered

An email ID is a person’s inbox address to get the information delivered from across the globe. It’s personalised and is attached to the identity of a person. The GINBOX is also a globally unique and personalised 8–10-digit alphanumeric number of yours to receive goods globally and communicate your long physical address. Your favourite GINBOX number remain permanent with you lifelong and is your identity and only the primary physical address attached to your GINBOX number need to be updated in your address book (ginbox.io) whenever it changes.

When you create your favourite GINBOX number, you have to assign one of your physical address in your address book as a primary address. This way on the backend database, GINBOX will be mapped with the latest address of your wherever your go across the world. Your GINBOX remains the same and only backend database linkage changes.

Whenever you use GINBOX number on any of our partner website, e-commerce deliveries, the partner website will pull the physical address from GINBOX database and fulfil the order or address details on the partner website. So you don’t need to fill in all address details, just fill in the GINBOX number and it's done.

You can use the GINBOX number on our partner website, e-commerce portals, marketplaces and any other online requirement to fill address. We are working tirelessly to increase our partner website and increase the ease of online operations. You can also use GINBOX number of your friends, business associates printed on their business card/email signature to send the gifts on any celebration day. With GINBOX gifting is easier and faster.

Like you wish to have your favourite email ID, create your favourite GINBOX number so that it's simple, easier and personalised to your thoughts. A convenient GINBOX number can be easily communicated to friends, relative or anybody else to know your address. They can send you gifts, e-commerce items easily and no need to recall long addresses.

Presently we don’t allow the change in GINBOX number once created. However, in case of genuine reasons, do write to us at support@ginbox.io to understand your case and help to the extent possible.

Subject to your need, others should know and use your GINBOX number to send you goods and gifts like you share your email ID. This will make it convenient.