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In a fast-developing world, GINBOX aims to tie everyone together through a simple and globally unique number, revolutionizing e-commerce, and location sharing. GINBOX is not just a way, but an idea that will enhance your experience of placing orders online by eliminating the various cumbersome steps slowing you down from connecting with your loved ones.

GINBOX aims to implement a concept of generating a personalized alphanumeric code that pairs with your delivery address, much like how your email works, replacing lengthy addresses with short and convenient ones.

With a great strategy in mind and while following the spirit of teamwork, our experienced and talented team of leaders and managers strives to continue writing success stories by serving and satisfying our customers for a long time ahead.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become the world's most admired digital innovator that brings the whole world together just by implementing unique ideas and concepts to the things that already exist. To implement our vision for GINBOX.io, we have brought together a team of experts that understands the demands of this digital world and is motivated to fulfil its customers’ needs and desires.

Our mission is to help people globally to avail the benefits of getting their orders delivered to their addresses without going through a long process every time, as placing orders online has now become a daily need and going through the same process every time becomes quite monotonous. Thus, we came up with the idea of GINBOX. Hopefully, we will achieve our goal to serve the whole world with a facility that encourages them to save their time and money and enjoy online shopping more.

How is the Ginbox Useful and Helpful to You?

GINBOX will make online gifting and shopping easy and hassle-free. Generating a short alphanumeric code by logging into GINBOX.io will let you pair your primary address to your new SMART ADDRESS and share it with anyone around the world. The address linked to your SMART ADDRESS can be changed as you move to other places, bringing convenience to you at anytime and anywhere.

To avail the benefits of GINBOX, simply visit our website GINBOX.io and generate your own SMART ADDRESS within a few seconds. You can then use your new SMART ADDRESS while shopping on any of the e-commerce websites powered by GINBOX to fetch your address in a secure manner. We hope you thoroughly enjoy this new online shopping experience!

Do reach out to us for your valuable feedback so we can ensure that we provide services in accordance with the needs and desires of our customers.

Anyways, we are human beings, not aliens, moving with the vision of printing next banner “EARTH IS POWERED BY GINBOX, NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!”

Email: ceo@ginbox.io

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