We invite you to get your e-commerce client onboard through our reseller programm

GINBOX is always searching for self-motivated business partners and individuals who have the drive to increase their yearly income substantially. You will get unlimited capabilities to offer and resell SMART ADDRESS services to your customers. The SMART ADDRESS concept is unique and enables fast checkout on the e-commerce website.

We provide quality GINBOX API services with 99% customer retention and a high growth rate. GINBOX has been providing 99.9% uptime of its API and services since the beginning. Our RESELLERS enjoy the close partnership approach with our management, and we endeavour to further strengthen the relationship.

GINBOX Reseller Programs gives you the ability to offer your clients all the same great services as we do use this great product and concept. This gives you unlimited capabilities to increasing your monthly income significantly.

  • long partnership

    Long Partnership

    The partnership is crucial to the expansion of any business venture. Merchants and traders from time out of mind have made use of the principle of a strategic partnership to conduct their businesses; the trend remains considerably applicable today. A partnership manifests itself in several forms, starting from business owners cooperating to take a position during a project to share technical knowledge and concepts between firms. Hence we value long partnership with our resellers.

  • professional approach

    Professional Approach

    Professional approach behaviour is important for the long-term success of a business, whether it is a big corporation or small business. In our operations and activities, we adopt practices that match the highest standards of professionalism and etiquettes. Our team is well-qualified professionals from their respective areas.

  • transparency


    Transparency in business is that the basis for trust between a firm and its investors, customers, partners, and employees. Being transparent means being honest and open when communicating with stakeholders about matters related to the business. We are transparent and expect all our resellers to be transparent in the work we do.

  • timely payment

    Timely Payment

    We as a business do understand that the cash flow in and cash flow out is the need of every business and hence we have designed our commercials with all stakeholders in such a way that we ensure timely payments to our vendors and resellers. Our commercial terms may vary from reseller to reseller and would be honoured by us in letter and spirit. Be assured.

  • Growth Oriented

    Growth Oriented

    We are dreamers, never settled and hence we have high ambitions to achieve better results as we move forward. We believe in Plan-Do-Check-Action which ensure we always move in the right direction which eventually results in business growth. This growth pie is all shared with all stakeholders including our resellers.

  • Surprise Honorarium Payment on successful onboarding and running for 6 months of your e-commerce client.
  • Recurring revenues upto 15% of your client's annual billing.
  • 24/7/365 Customer Service and Dedicated Sales, Design and Development Team.
  • Accountable and Proactive Partnership Management Team!
  • Resellers - make money from people you recruit!

We encourage you to maintain the relationship with your clients as a GINBOX reseller. GINBOX can handle all of your client support and customer service questions if a situation comes up in which a client needs advice or support and you or your staff are unable to provide.

We are offering our partners a GINBOX Api business that has years of study and development behind its creation if you currently have a website for your Internet business. This technique translates to proven success.

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