Electricals you need when moving into a new Home

Electricals you need when moving into a new Home

Nov. 2, 2021, 12:53 a.m.


Shifting to a new home requires proper planning and execution to save you from discomfort and trouble when you move in. Among others, electrical items are the basics that you need to assemble for setting up your new house. We have curated a checklist of necessary electrical devices that you should keep ready beforehand. Read till the end to know how to get the best discounts and deals on the same.

Door Bell

Last but not least, a doorbell is another electrical device that you need to fix in your new home. It lets you know someone is waiting for you to open the door. Wireless doorbells with camera and video call feature, regulated through a mobile app, are available to provide you maximum security.

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Voltage tester

Before you start using power switches of your new house, it is crucial to check the flow of electrical current through them. A simple voltage tester can be used for this. It will determine voltage levels, amperage, short and open circuits. Go for testers with a measurement range of 500-1000 volts.

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Spike guard and Extension cord

Spike guards or Surge protectors are essential to prevent power surges that might occur through electrical outlets. The multiple sockets allow you to connect various electronic appliances and electrical gadgets, keeping them safe. Extension cord allows you to connect your appliance to a distant electrical outlet.

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Electrical Switches

Unless it is a newly built home, there are chances that there might be a few switches that might be broken. Check all the switches in prior and replace the damaged ones. Different types of switches are available such as rocker, trigger, micro, push-push and tact switches. Select according to the purpose and appliances you will connect to it.

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Cables and Wires

Though you are moving into a home that’s already built, you should always keep a set of cables and wires for unexpected electrical needs. Opt for the wires that give good conductivity and generate less heat. High insulation will provide you better safety.

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Ceiling and Exhaust Fans

Fans are the next most important electrical item you need to install when you shift into a new place. Check motor size and blade pitch before you make the decision. You can also opt for modern fans with lights and remote control. Exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms will reduce humidity and will maintain optimum ventilation.

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Tube Lights and Bulbs

First important step is to light up your new house before dusk. Leave the flickering tube lights behind and go for LED Tube lights that do not have any choke or starter. In bulbs, you can go with either Incandescent or LED bulbs, as per your budget. Just make sure that all these are both cost and energy efficient.

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