How to Apply Concealer to Flawlessly Disguise Dark Circles, Acne and More?

How to Apply Concealer to Flawlessly Disguise Dark Circles, Acne and More?

Jan. 25, 2022, 1:09 p.m.


Cosmetic concealer acts as a magic eraser in your makeup bag, allowing you to seem more awake and awakened–even if you've been up since the wee hours of the morning binge-watching old episodes of TVD on Netflix. It may be used to conceal imperfections, level out your skin tone, and hide dark bags beneath the eyes. Consider these factors when choosing and how to use concealer on your skin. From the kind and texture of the concealer you pick to finding the proper formula for your skin type and the method by which you apply the concealer to your skin, there are several factors to consider (which we dive into below).

Do you want to get the most coverage out of your concealer as possible? How to apply concealer like a pro makeup artist is covered in this step-by-step instruction to lighten your complexion, reduce the appearance of dark spots, and leave you feeling perfect and confident all the time. Find the best deals here in Ginbox through steps.


Use concealer as a primer for your eyeshadow

To prevent your eyeshadow from creasing, follow these steps. First, apply concealer to your upper and lower eyelids with your ring finger before applying your eye makeup to ensure a crease-free foundation. This technique also helps your makeup to remain longer by preventing your eyeshadow from slipping and sliding over your eyelid. This is particularly beneficial as the weather starts to heat up (or if you're planning a trip to a hot and humid destination).

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Colour correction may be used to remove obstinate spots or circles

When it comes to concealers, not all of them are created equal. If you're looking to disguise a red pimple or keep the dark bags hidden beneath your eyes, a colour-correcting concealer will be your best choice. A colour-correcting concealer can assist you to cancel out the hue you're attempting to tone down rather than reaching for your standard concealer to mask. For example, a green concealer will help minimise redness and should be used as a spot treatment on pimples, but a peach-toned concealer will help balance out the blue tint from your dark circles.

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Conceal your lips around your mouth to give the appearance of more giant lips

Do you want to make your pout plumper? This concealer hack can give you the appearance of more giant lips in no time at all. Apply concealer around your lips with a fine-tip lip brush after you've finished applying your foundation (but before you've finished using your lipstick). This reverse-lining method creates the appearance of an enormous mouth and applying it with a fine-tip brush guarantees that it is used precisely.

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Concealer may be used as a highlighter in some situations

Are you looking for a lovely glow? There's a concealer for every occasion. First, use a concealer pencil two shades lighter than your natural skin tone to brighten your complexion. Then, as soon as you've applied your foundation, use the concealer pencil to draw on the regions of your face that naturally catch the light (also known as the places you want to highlight), such as your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and the centre of your tummy area. To create a contour on softer regions, use a concealer pencil that is two shades darker than your skin tone (like the sides of your nose, jawline, and forehead). For a more natural look, use a makeup sponge or a buffing brush to incorporate it into your makeup.

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Finish with a dusting of powder

Setting powder not only helps to keep your makeup in place but also helps to prevent your concealer from creasing. Once you're satisfied with the amount of coverage you've achieved with your concealer, it's time to set it in place with a translucent powder. After you've finished applying your makeup and removing any leftover powder, spritz your face with a makeup setting spray to guarantee that your makeup remains in place.

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Apply the cream around your nose and on any red spots

When applying colour correct dark circles around your nose and any red patches, be sure to dab rather than drag the concealer. If you want the concealer around your nose to remain in place, dab it in place with your ring finger and blend it in, paying particular attention to the crease around your nose. Using a moist makeup sponge, dab loose powder over the face and smooth for a "set it and forget it" look that lasts all day.

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Apply the concealer to any imperfections on the face

When it comes to concealing pimples and dark spots, a full-coverage concealer that won't smudge or fade during the day is best. This is the stage at which you should apply a makeup concealer that is three shades lighter. The purpose of this stage is to bring particular features of your face to the front. A blemish should not be drawn attention to itself or highlighted, which is why it should be addressed beforehand using a skin-tone concealer so that it blends in smoothly with the foundation."

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Application in inverted triangles beneath the eyes

Using a specific under-eye concealer, this procedure will be much easier. When applying concealer under your eyes, draw two upside-down triangles underneath your eyes instead of sweeping the concealer under your eyes. This will brighten up your whole face. Why? In reality, when you swipe the concealer near to your lash line, you're only highlighting the region in question. Furthermore, if your primary objective is to conceal dark circles, drawing attention to your eye region is the last thing you want to do. Once you've chosen your best concealer for dark circles, dab and blend the inverted triangles with your ring finger or a concealer brush to get the desired effect; whatever you do, avoid smearing or dragging the concealer over your face since this can cause wrinkles and caking. You should apply concealer with your ring finger since it is the weakest finger in your hand, which means you won't have to worry about using too much pressure and damaging the delicate skin around your eye area.

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Apply any necessary cosmetics on your face

Preparing your skin with a face primer that will hold your makeup will help to guarantee that your makeup lasts throughout the day. In addition, a decent primer helps to keep your foundation and concealer in place, no matter how hot or cold it is outside. After all, there's nothing worse than spending the time and effort to disguise a troublesome pimple or best under eye concealer for bags only to have your makeup fade after you leave home. Use a foundation, tinted moisturiser, or CC/BB cream to finish off your look. However, many cosmetic artists advocate using concealer after your foundation to prevent seeming cakey and keep your concealer from settling into fine lines. Applying your face makeup first provides a smooth, blendable base to work with before using your concealer and foundation.

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is to prepare your skin.

It would help if you started with a clean, fresh face before using concealer to hide imperfections. It's ideal to use a double cleanser with an exfoliant to get the most outstanding results. Using an exfoliating cleanser before applying makeup, you may remove dead skin cells that block pores and make it difficult for makeup to glide effortlessly over your skin. It also helps to balance out your skin tone, which results in a more perfect, airbrushed appearance when applying makeup. To end, use a moisturiser to keep your skin nourished and smooth after exfoliating it. Yes, even individuals with oily skin should use a moisturiser before applying makeup–and extra points if your moisturiser has SPF to protect against sun damage all day.

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