Top 7 Essential Furniture for your Home

Top 7 Essential Furniture for your Home

Nov. 3, 2021, 11:34 p.m.


Relocating to a new home or Renovating an existing one, you need proper planning to get the best in your budget. It's wise to spend on the prime necessities first and then invest in other luxuries. We have curated a list of essential furniture for your home that will complete your home with style and comfort.

Sofa or Couch

This is the most important furniture for your living room. Sitting, lounging, relaxing and sometimes even sleeping, sofa has multipurpose use. Select the size and style according to the space available. Think with a creative mind while choosing it’s fabric and color as it will alter the whole look of your interiors.

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Tea table

A sofa is incomplete without a Tea or a Coffee table. So that's another necessary piece of furniture you need to invest in. Rectangular, square and round, they come in different shapes and sizes. Matte or glossy, choose that pairs up with your sofa. Modern tea tables come with hidden storage where you can silently stack your everyday newspaper and other such stuff.

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Dining table

If you are a family that believes in eating dinner together, then Dining table is a must buy for you. Most common dining tables are 4 and 6 seaters where sometimes two chairs are replaced by a single bench to add in sitting comfort. Marble, wooden or glass top, accommodate as per your design and utility.

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A healthy sleep makes way to a healthy day. King or Queen, size of the bed depends on your room space. Opting the one with a box will help you store the items that you don’t need in your everyday routine. Another crucial unit is the selection of a right mattress. If you have back pain issues, prefer a firm mattress to a soft one. Choose the pillows that provide you superior comfort.

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This is the next important amenity needed in your room. Available in numerous sizes and styles, the market is flooded with a variety of readymade wardrobes. It will keep your clothes and accessories neatly organised. Colorful and bright cupboards are a good option for a kids room.

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Dressing table

It is a known fact that you are never completely dressed until you have a look of yours from top to bottom in the mirror. Weddings, parties, work, or morning routine, a dressing table help you be at your best. The storage shelves will allow you to keep your grooming essentials and cosmetics handy and safe. If you have space constraints, opt for a wall mounted dressing.

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Cabinet or drawers

Unless your home has built-in cupboards or shelves, you need to invest in indispensable cabinets or drawers. A TV cabinet with a display rack will light up your living room. For arranging your belongings, a chest with multiple drawers will be a better choice. Don’t forget to buy one for your bathroom to store toiletries and other essentials.

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